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Design Website Destination: DesignMyRoom

In this modern era, website has become one of the most valuable resources in many life aspects and in the context of home designing this DesignMyRoom is surely one of the best design website that you can visit. This stunning interior design website is recently launched this week and this amazing interior Design website offers you a new way of designing a space. This outstanding interior design website contains almost…

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Excellent Swimming Pool Design At The 150 Weekend House

Amazing Long Home Design with Open Space Decoration Ideas

Your home design sometimes follow the texture of your land area, you can build your long home design if you had the square long home land to build your house. For some reason this is not a proper land shape to build a house, your house must be look shrink with the long shape style of the decoration ideas. But I think it is depend hoe you treat your home…

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Inspiring White Dining Room Mirrored Cabinets With White Ceramic Tile And White Dining Table Plus Chairs And Pendant Lamps

Wonderful White Dining Area Results Bright and Fresh Visualization

I decide to live in my aunt’s house for a while to avoid my ex-boyfriend. I wish I could forget him by staying at house which is full of peace. I can feel free to live in my aunt’s house because this house presents natural look and fresh atmosphere. Whole living space in this house is painted in white color. My aunt says that white color is identical with pureness…

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Amazing Look Like Of The Australian Island Resort Details Skyview Landscape With Lush Green Trees Around Combined With Blue Skyline

Australian Island Resort with the Amazing Landscape

Island resort design is very interesting to visit. It will make me feel like in the small paradise when I stay in the island resort. This resort is called Saffire resort. It is located in East Coast in Australia. Circa Architecture is the designer of this resort design. Comes with the interesting and unique design of the resort, I feel very interested in staying in this amazing design of this…

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Wonderful Simple Living Room With Wooden Materials At The Larix House

Contemporary Wooden House in Private

This contemporary wooden house is basically made of wood. I think it was inspired by wood from old boat shed that typically from neighborhood area. Vertical lining wooden board that formed the house’s walls make the house look taller than the real one. From the front side, I cannot see anything but just the wood and single wooden door with simple wooden roof. The wooden walls were made tall and…

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Charming Stone Garden And Stone Art Works And House With Marble Flooring Large Wooden Door Plus Wooden Fence

Unusual Modern House with More Open Spaces

For eccentric couple who would want to spend their getaway together, unusual modern house with more open spaces can be an alternative to consider. Some cottages or rest houses I have seen offer the same concept. Just like one of the house I saw during my vacation with my family. The house looks unique with more open spaces to interact with people who live surround the rest house. Rest house…

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Excellent Swimming Pool Area With Comfy Sunbathe And Exotic Pool Design Idea

Cliff House Mesmerize Beauty

I never thought that a cliff house can look this amazing. In a cliff that facing to coconut plantation and Arabian Sea coast, this house really can make bold and beautiful statement about nature’s beauty. This 2 floor house will accommodate all your need for holiday, relaxation, and in the same time blended with nature. The house is surrounded with trees all around. The entrance can be entering from the…

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Excellent Room With Stripes Sofa Plus Cushion Small Blue Plastic Table Book And Fur Rug As Base Gray Paint On The Wall And Ceiling Pigs Picture Frame Plus Standing Lamp

Live In Modern And Cozy Studio Room Apartment

Modern and cozy studio room apartment it was in sao paulo, Brazil. And a work desk is visible in the workspace, made of wood and a piece of glass is placed on it, a small table located next door. A beautiful painting hangs on the wall. As for the living room there is a L-shaped sofa in gray, with some cushions on it, another sleeveless version of sofa presents here….

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